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With over 10 years of experience as Director, Cinematographer and writer, and being formed in prestigious schools in Europe and the US, I will bring to your project more than a "camera/light guy". I've been trained in arts, advertisement and writing and I add an incredible amount of value to your production.


Have a project that feels like it's missing a little Oomph? Are you not sure if your favorite scene is really doing a favor to the story? Or maybe you just want to get someone else's opinion about your pages. Whatever is what you need, you are in the right place. With 8 years of academic formation on screenwriting and story development, I can help you revamp your story and give it the strength it deserves.


I own an equipment package that can be your one stop solution for your smaller productions. The use of LED lighting can save you time, and Time = Money. I'm experienced with RED, Alexa, BMC, Canon and Sony cameras...


Today, more than ever, New Media and internet content are extremely important to stay on top of the competition. I'm an experienced collaborator as Director and Cinematopgrapher in successful new media projects and can deliver to your project professional looking content.

Directing style
and Influences

"As a Director and Cinematographer, I lean towards letting images tell the story. Limit the dialog to when it's needed and let the performances and imagery give us the subtleties of what's going on. Attention to detail is an important aspect of what I do. I firmly believe in leaving a good and healthy filmography behind.
I look up to directors like Stanley Kubrick and cinematographers like Roger Deakins"

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